Evil Hare Productions is Chris Byars, Jim Stewart, and Tony Sroka.

Just a couple of dudes working on creating some awesome stuff. Both of us have varied backgrounds in editing, and are looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.

Chris Byars

Decently versed in 2D art, video game development, and scripting, he has decided to expand his horizons to a little bit of acting, producing, and video editing.






Jim Stewart

Jim is a guy who is passionate about taking long walks on the beach and eating small lion cubs every morning just to keep his strength up. He then plays chess with giants named Fred, Mack, and Glorginalia to keep his mind sharp.

Oh, and he also loves the crap out of making movies and digital effects!




Tony Sroka

When he’s not on the run from zombies, he enjoys directing, shooting, and acting in the crazy films we come up with.