Last updated: May 2014

Evil Hare Productions Privacy Policy

All Evil Hare Productions Services are governed by this Privacy Policy and by using or accessing a Service You give consent to the processing, use and disclosure of your data. Please do not install or use the Services if you do not agree to this Privacy Policy.

Evil Hare Productions reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of Services will signify your acceptance of the changes to this Privacy Policy.

1. How We Collect Your data

Likely situations when you make personal data available to Evil Hare Productions include, but are not limited to: (i) by using Evil Hare Productions’s mobile apps or visiting our websites; (ii) purchasing a product or services within the Play Store; (iii) requesting technical support; (iv) otherwise through use of Evil Hare Productions Services where personal data is required for use and/or participation.

The data we process on you may include, but is not limited to: email address, device ID, and IP-address.

2. Ad Serving Technology

Evil Hare Productions reserves the right to use and disclose the collected, non-personal data for purposes of advertising by Evil Hare Productions or Evil Hare Productions’s partners and contractors.

Evil Hare Productions may employ third party ad serving technologies that use certain methods to collect information as a result of ad serving through Services.

Evil Hare Productions or third parties operating the ad serving technology may use demographic and geo-location information (for more information regarding use of Location Data see below Section 3) as well as information logged from your hardware or device to ensure that relevant advertising is presented within the Service. Evil Hare Productions or third parties may collect and use data, for such purposes, including but not limited to, data such as IP address, Device ID, MAC address, installed software, application usage data, hardware type, Operating System information, browser information, unique identifiers in browser cookies, Flash cookies, and HTML5 local storage, Internet and on-line usage information and in-game information.

The foregoing data may be used and disclosed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the privacy policy of the company providing the ad serving technology.

Evil Hare Productions may display to you behaviorally targeted advertising. If you wish to “opt out” of certain targeted advertising, please visit and/or Please note that the links above may not reach all Evil Hare Productions’s advertising partners and certain behaviorally targeted advertising may still be displayed to you. If you want to be certain that no behaviorally targeted advertisements are displayed to you, please do not use or access the Services.

Some services may include the use of in-game advertisements or brand placement. Such ads or sponsorships will be noted as such within the services.

Additionally please note that if you “opt out” it does not mean that you will no longer receive advertising. It just means that the advertising you see displayed will not be customized to you and your interests and may be less relevant to you.

3. Location Data

To the extent Evil Hare Productions makes location enabled Services available and you use such Services, Evil Hare Productions may collect and process your location data to provide location related Services and advertisements. For example, some add-ons or offers may be available at dedicated locations. The location data is processed and stored only for the duration that is required for the provision of the location related Services.

Your fine, GPS-based geo-location is never accessed.

4. Friends

If you choose to use Evil Hare Productions’s “share” or a similar service about Evil Hare Productions Services, no personal data will be stored.

6. Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data

Personal data may be disclosed to third parties including third parties located outside the United States in accordance with applicable legislation and this Privacy Policy.

Evil Hare Productions may use third parties to collect and process personal data on Evil Hare Productions’s behalf and in according to Evil Hare Productions’s instructions. Evil Hare Productions is not liable for the acts and omissions of these third parties, except as provided by mandatory law.

5. Cookies, beacons and tracking

The Services may use “cookies” and other technologies such local shared objects, hardware-based device identifiers, Operating System-based identifiers. Evil Hare Productions treats information collected by cookies and similar technologies as non-personal data.

Cookies: A “cookie” is a small file stored by your browser when told to do so by a website. Typically websites place a number of different cookies on an end-user’s machine. Some of the cookies are “1st Party,” from the website itself, and others are “3rd party,” belonging to advertising and analytics entities or social networks. Evil Hare Productions’s cookies do not include personal data and are typically used to quickly identify your device and to “remember” your browser during subsequent visits for purposes of functionality, preferences, and website performance. You can disable cookies or set your browser to alert you when cookies are being sent to your device; however, disabling cookies may affect your ability to use the Services.

HTML5: Evil Hare Productions may also use HTML5 local storage. Flash cookies are small files similar to browser cookies, but which are not stored in the browser and can also be used to remember your settings, to personalize the look and feel of the Services, or for advertising and analytics.

6. Third Party Terms and Conditions

Please note that your access to and use of the Services may be subject to certain third party terms and conditions and Evil Hare Productions is not liable for any such third parties’ use of your personal data, such as Facebook.

7. Safeguards

Evil Hare Productions follows generally accepted industry standards and maintains reasonable safeguards to attempt to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of the information in Evil Hare Productions’s possession.